OSA University is an online education platform dedicated to training dental sleep medicine team professionals. OSA-U courses are designed to optimize dental sleep medicine protocols and maximize patient success. 

What are people saying about us?

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Dr. Deborah Romack: "I have gotten together with OSA University and we have really got things together!"


Dr. Mark Hildahl: "I have had a great experience with OSA University!"

Dr. Damian Blum: "If you have a chance to sign up with OSA University you need to do it!"


Dr. Gilbert LaFemina: "OSA University has provided a roadmap for me to process patients!"

Dr. Wilson: "OSA University provided an infinite amount of knowledge!"


Dr. Durwin Libby: "I recommend OSA University very highly!"

Emily Adams: "OSA University curriculum was very manageable!"


Dr. Christopher Louie: "OSA University was invaluable!"

Sue Carrier: "OSA University was fabulous!"


Dr. Tracy Petry: "OSA University was phenomenal!"

Dr. Howard Hindin: "OSA University was  wonderful!"


Dr. Michael Gelb: "First time I heard from my staff how much they enjoy working in the office!"

Dr. Jasmeet Kalsi: "OSA University taught me so much about sleep and how to interact with patients!"


Dr. John Millette: "OSA University is full information I hadn't known before after 25 years!"

Lisa Johnson: "OSA University did a very thorough, clear job of training!"


Dr. Valerie Hubbell: "I cannot express how pleased we were with OSA University!"

Dr. John Lohner: "OSA University has the sytem in place to educate my team!"


Dr. Kenneth Patterson: "I'm so happy I signed up with OSA University!"

Kerri Waymire: "I'm very thankful that Dr. Patterson has put us through OSA University training!"


Dr. JD Murray: "OSA University was perfect to diversify myself!"

Dr. James Crouse: "OSA University tied everything together!"


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David Steffen: "We highly recommend OSA University!"


"The Information I learned is something I will use for the rest of my life."

"I had a great day with OSA University. I am much better equipped to speak about sleep disordered breathing and how to engage with patients about total body health."