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CPAP 101 - The Dark Side of the Moon

CPAP for Dentists

Do you want to treat more CPAP Intolerant Patients?

In CPAP 101, dentists will have gain intimate knowledge of CPAP and mask therapy. The webinar goal is to help dentists better understand CPAP patients and CPAP providers (DMEs) so that dentists can treat more CPAP intolerant patients. Understanding the medical sleep terminology is key when conversing with physicians, sleep labs, and local DMEs. 1 AGD PACE credit will be issued for each attendee. 


Date: Tuesday June 30th, 2015

Time: 6:00pm CST/7:00pm EST



Cost: $50 Donation -- 100% of proceeds will be donated to the Airway Foundation of Sleep, a public sector of the AAPMD (American Academy Physiological Medicine and Dentistry) Organization. (learn more here)

C.E. Credits: 1 C.E. credit awarded per webinar

Presenter: Robert Suter

CPAP 101 Webinar Objectives:

  • Gain information on CPAP basics

  • Learn how to treat more CPAP-Intolerant patients

  • Understand the 5 different types of CPAPs 

  • Learn how to set up a CPAP

  • Develop an insight on communicating with physicians about CPAP therapy

  • Understand CPAP patient challenges

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You may be wondering WHY a dentist - or dental team member - administering sleep apnea appliance therapy, needs to know about CPAP treatment. It’s simple. As your DSM practice grows, fostering physician relationships is a critical component to maximizing the full potential of your dental sleep medicine practice — and helping more patients sleep and breathe better!

Understanding the fundamentals of CPAP therapy enables you to drive insightful and comprehensive discussions with physicians regarding sleep apnea treatment options. CPAP knowledge and appreciation can fuel the conversation of what happens next, to the patients that reject CPAP treatment. Additionally, gaining an understanding of CPAP non-compliant patients leverages an entry point into a discussion of the country’s sky-high rate of untreated sleep apnea and airway sufferers. 

Serving the dental sleep medicine community, OSA University is thrilled to offer a two-part CPAP education webinar series for dentists and dental team members. OSA-U’s V.P of Sales, Rob Suter, will be leading the webinar presentations. Rob has clinically trained hundreds of RRTs and RPSGTs on CPAP devices, algorithms, and sleep lab titrations. 

After the completion of the first webinar, CPAP101, dentists will have gained basic knowledge of CPAP and mask therapy. The OSA-U goal is to help dentists better understand CPAP patients and CPAP providers so that more patients are treated. After the second webinar, Working with the Sleep Channel, dentists will have a stronger understanding of what DME’s, sleep labs and physicians do with CPAP patients. Tips and tactics for how dentists can rescue more CPAP refusing patients will be presented.

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