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Can Orthodontics Cause OSA and Airway Related Breathing Disorders?

Dr. Bill Hang

Dr. Bill Hang

Presenter: Dr. Bill Hang

Date: Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

Time: 7:00pm CDT

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C.E. Credits: 1 C.E. credit awarded

Can Orthodontics Cause OSA and Airway Related Breathing Disorders?

This webinar is about how dentists and orthodontists can prevent and reverse the detrimental effects of retraction. 
Most “modern” orthodontic techniques are still retractive in nature. They can (unintentionally) decrease the size of the airway which may have a negative impact on patient health. During this webinar Dr Hang will share orthodontic techniques that protect and, in many cases, enlarge the airway (which can eliminate snoring and OSA). 
If you are an orthodontist worried about “Straight Teeth in a Box” or a Dentist who wants to have a more positive impact on patient health (and perform more restorative work), this webinar is for you!

What you will learn:

- What is non-retractive orthodontics is and how can it have a positive impact on patient well-being?

- How airway health affects craniofacial pain and what to do about it.

- Why you can’t expand your way out of an anterior/posterior problem.

- How understanding non-retractive orthodontic techniques benefits the general/restorative dental practice.

About Dr. Bill Hang:

William M Hang DDS MSD has been a pioneer working in the airway/sleep arena for over 25 years. He has lectured to the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain six times since 2001. Dr. Hangreceived a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry for his work on optimizing the airway in patients of all ages. He has patients traveling to see him from over 25 states and a number of foreign countries (New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, the U.K., Iceland). They come seeking reversal of their previous orthodontic results, to alleviate their TMJ/pain problems, and to seek relief from OSA symptoms. 
Dr. Hang is an innovative, forward thinking visionary who has dedicated his career to improving how dentistry & orthodontics are practiced around the world.

Grow Your Practice By Preventing & Reversing The Detrimental Effects of Retractive Orthodontics

Benefits to your patients (in many cases): 
Reduced pain. Better facial balance. A healthier airway. Improvement and/or elimination of snoring & other OSA symptoms. 
Possible benefits to your practice: 
More restorative opportunities (often including 4 new implant sites).Happier, healthier patients who sing your praises to friends and family members.

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