OSA University is an online education platform dedicated to training dental sleep medicine team professionals. OSA-U courses are designed to optimize dental sleep medicine protocols and maximize patient success. 

Why OSA-U?

OSA University offers Dental Sleep Medicine courses to dental office "team" members. The OSA U curriculum builds a foundation needed for team members to be able to drive the success of Dental Sleep Medicine in dental practices. Targeted education is presented in the areas of sleep fundamentals, patient communication, scheduling and office protocols, financial arrangements including private and Medicare billing, case presentation, and clinical staff protocols. 

The ease and convenience of the courses allows for multiple viewing of the material and immediate education accessibility. OSA U enrollment is open to dental team members ready to learn all aspects of Dental Sleep Medicine. Online access to the content is available for 12 months to allow for reviewing and/or refreshing the information. 

The OSA University program consists of eight courses with specific, individual course goals and objectives. The courses are designed to provide a platform for an optimal online learning experience based on a learning gradient. 

The OSA U course series includes video presentations, workbook information, templates, examples, quizzes, and final exams for OSA-U certification.. Achievement awards are also featured to highlight the curriculum progression and enhance the student motivation and participation. 

Learn the coursework needed to function and succeed in a dental  sleep medicine practice -- in the convenience of a home, office, or any destination...anytime and anywhere.   

OSA University
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